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For several years, Hollie has studied and implemented life transforming and spiritual principles on her own path to self-discovery.  Chronic pain from injuries and an inner sense that there was more seeking to express within her led Hollie to explore different energy healing methods and learn more about the mind-body-soul connection.   When Hollie received a Biofield Healing Immersion® session, she knew she found a method unlike anything she had ever experienced before and was inspired to train at the Biofield Healing Institute® with Debora Wayne. 


Continually striving to expand her healing practice, Hollie also trained with Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D at the Institute For Holographic Sound & Inner Balance.  And, Shelly Reef with the Temple of Light and Sound.  Hollie is committed to bringing a unique blend of these healing methods to people seeking a higher level of being for themselves.

As a firm believer in the power of the mind and that our thoughts are a creative force in our lives, Hollie also sought out coaching as a means to help people empower themselves.  Hollie believes that each one of us has far more power and contains more potential than any circumstance or condition. 


This belief and desire to help other people realize their true potential led Hollie to train at the highest level with the Brave Thinking Institute®, led by world-renowned teacher and thought leader Mary Morrissey.  And, she also is a certified Holobody Coach with Mindvalley/Evercoach providing holistic health coaching to help people create a healthy mind/body/soul connection.

The results Hollie achieved in her own life by applying the principles and techniques she learned inspired her to create her own company, Inner Insights Healing LLC, which is dedicated to helping people who feel they are stuck but know there is more within them seeking to emerge. 


It is Hollie’s passion to use her training and natural healing gifts to help her clients achieve new heights of success, fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness.

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