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Client Testimonials

"As a result of my work with Hollie, I have found a way to live my life and experience satisfaction, increased spirituality and abundance everyday. When we started the process of dream building, I thought there would be an end result. Before I had Hollie's coaching, I felt inadequate in expecting that I should have answers about my direction and dreams. Hollie has helped me feel confident that I am enough, all I needed was a willingness to be open to examining the longings of my heart. I have enjoyed every part of the dream building process and the most exciting outcome is the spiritual adventure that will continue." - Barb Short, Denver, CO

"I have worked with healers over the years. Last fall, after a car accident where I suffered a concussion, I had the privilege of receiving a remote healing session with Hollie Kikel. Remote healing was a new experience for me and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Hollie was generous in her explanation and preparing me for what to expect. She graciously lead me to relax and receive the healing. All I can say is, "Wow"! 


Since that time I have participated in not only one-on-one sessions with Hollie, but also in group healing sessions. Each experience has been different and very beneficial. After the sessions I feel peaceful, calm, restful. I feel the positive effects of the healing for days afterward. I am so happy and grateful that I started working with Hollie and continue to do so. Working with Hollie has supported my physical, mental and emotional healing not only from the accident, but also during this time of the pandemic."  - Janet Langmeier - Aurora, CO

"You reached out to me in 2019 to offer four complimentary energy coaching sessions. I was so touched by your generosity and your lasting sense that the coaching I provided to you a few years earlier was continuing to yield benefits to your sense of joy and empowerment. I was reminded of what I already knew about you: that you are kind, compassionate, curious, respectful, grateful, generous, creative and wise. Those attributes--the very essence of who you are--shone through your approach to me and the energy healing sessions you conducted with me. The actual coaching sessions came at the perfect time. They helped to reground, encourage and inspire me during a time of many changes and challenges emotionally, professionally and medically. You fostered hope, possibilities and empowerment for me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I valued your doing so for me greatly as that is my own life purpose--fostering hope, possibilities and empowerment for every being, encounter and situation. When I am more grounded, hopeful, curious and empowered, it has a ripple effect to every being and situation I encounter-starting with me! Thank you forever Hollie."  - Deborah Jane Wells, Retired board-certified empowerment coach, author and Reiki master teacher, Williamsburg, VA

"I very much appreciate the Biofield Healing Immersion sessions I have had with Hollie, one in person, the rest remote. Each session was different, with the results being what I probably needed at the time. I have experience with Reiki, and there are similar outcomes, but the difference I think, is that the Biofield Healing seemed to get results faster. For me, the first part of each session was clean-up, pulling out old emotional issues I had buried, as well as work on physical issues. The emotional work would usually go deeper each week and I feel I have greatly benefited from clearing out so much debris, including some left over from past lives. I've done a lot of work on myself in the past, and it is frustrating to find that there is a lot more to do, but making progress is wonderful regardless. After the emotional cleanup, I would notice various parts of my body that were welcoming the energy, once, a physical brown cloud seemed to leave my lungs. Since I have lung issues, this was huge. Another time I could see the standing wave pattern of the energy going through me, something I had never experienced before. I would get to a place of inner peace by the end of each session. Besides spiritual evolution, a primary goal for me in this work, is clearing buried emotions from the body as completely as possible. In my experience they are the original source of illness. The Biofield Healing sessions work toward this goal brilliantly." - Mary Jo, Paralegal, Westminster, CO

"Working with Hollie has been a wonderful experience. She has been highly trained and enjoys helping others. Sessions either in her office or remotely have been healing and relaxing. Many times I go into deep relaxation which in itself is a gift. In working with Hollie I found my body felt more relaxed and healed from the inside. More energy as well as a wonderful calmness surrounds me after a session. Hollie is gifted, caring and professional. I highly recommend working with her. Working remotely is especially wonderful during these times." - Sharon J., LIttleton, CO

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